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Jeg minner om denne digitale konferansen.
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Emne: [IFLA-MM] One day until Occupy Library 2020, September 22 - 25

Dear colleagues,

Tomorrow we begin our journey Occupy Library 2020, a free-of-charge/formative/funky/fab conference to bring together the innovative ideas that are implemented in libraries. You can still join us!
Register here https://hopin.to/events/occupy-library/.

We prepared a fabulous program to cover the five themes in a multitude of interactive formats - over 80 professionals from more than 20 countries around the globe will share their stories of:

·  Serving communities in time of crisis

·  Partnerships for strong democracies

·  Active citizenship in analog and digital format

·  Emerging tech trends to empower communities

·  Public spaces and community engagement

We are honored to present you our Keynote Speakers and Fab Speakers, a fantastic crew who helped us shape this event and bring you the best Occupy Library we can:

  *   Asaf Bartov
  *   Christine Mackenzie
  *   Dan Perjovschi
  *   Deborah Jacobs
  *   Gerald Leitner
  *   Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer
  *   Erik Boekesteijn
  *   Hannelore Vogt
  *   Jessica Dorr
  *   Liz McGettigan
  *   Loida Garcia-Febo
  *   Stuart Hamilton

For more details, see the full program here: https://occupylibrary.net/program/

We take the opportunity to thank our partners <https://occupylibrary.net/partners/> for all their help, and invite you to meet them in our fantastic EXPO area, or in the Networking sessions included in our 4 days program.


Come and share your knowledge and good practices with librarians and NGO professionals, and let's make libraries better together!

We are looking forward to learning with & from you,


Occupy Library Organizing Team



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