Den digitale offentligheten i kultur- og bibliotekpolitikken

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Veldig aktuell ny artikkel (skrevet av folk på UiO og OsloMet) :

Den digitale offentligheten i kultur- og bibliotekpolitikken

     Håkon Larsen
     Per Alexander Solheim


Keywords: public sphere, Habermas, cultural policy, library
policy, Norway, digital technology


Echo chambers, fake news, filter bubbles and algorithms have been 
framed as great threats to our contemporary democracies and 
public spheres. In the Nordic countries, the state plays an 
active role in sustaining democracy and the public sphere through 
culture- and knowledge policies. The Norwegian Government have 
over the last years presented a white paper on overall cultural 
policy and a library strategy document. Both documents address 
the effects of digital technology on democracy, and how culture 
institutions in general and libraries in particular can help 
sustain our democracies in changing times. In this article, we 
study these and preceding documents on culture- and library 
policies. We analyze how they address digital technology and how 
they see culture- and library policies as providing solutions to 
digital threats to democracy and the public sphere. Furthermore, 
we study what notion of democracy and the public sphere are 
prevalent in Norwegian cultural policies. The results show that 
the Government view culture as a remedy against a fragmented 
public sphere, and that libraries play a key role as providers of 
digital guidance and teaching.

Thomas Gramstad
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"People of the future will know only that which we preserve. 
[I]t should be noted that allowing the records of the past to
disappear is a kind of censorship.  Libraries are the collective
archive of human achievement and the knowledge of the ages."
               -- Walt Crawford & Michael Gorman:
         Future Libraries: Dreams, Madness & Reality, p. 11

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