Free seminar: Bitcoin and Beyond - The Cryptoeconomy

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Tir 5. Jul 2016 03:21:34 CEST

Bitspace and EFN Studentgruppe invite all interested to a free seminar: Bitcoin 
and Beyond - The Cryptoeconomy

When: Sunday 10. july 14:00-18:00
Where: Seminar room Shell (1456), Ifi (Ole Johan Dahl's Building)
How to get there:

Meetup/Workshop about The Cryptoeconomy, which includes Bitcoin, 
cryptocurrencies and other blockchain platforms and projects. There will be 
talks and a workshop about the following topics:

    * Bitcoin Basics
    * Cryptocurrency Trade
    * Wallet Security and Backup
    * BitShares Asset Creation
    * Steem Blockchain Social Media

You can see pictures from 'Bitcoin Startkurs' and download the course material 

The seminar takes place on July 10th in Oslo. That was up until recently the 
predicted date for the Bitcoin Block Reward Halving (now July 9th). The halving 
is the quadrennial event in which the rate of generation of new Bitcoin is cut 
in half. You can read more about Bitcoin Block Reward and Halving here:

Follow the countdown for the The Halvening at the following link:

Oslo Bitcoin Meetup is arranging a Bitcoin Halvening-party on the same day. 
After the course, those who wish can come with us and join the party.

As the meetup takes place on a Sunday, the main entrance of the building will 
be locked. We will have someone at the door to greet visitors, but in case of 
problems, please call 98610883 or 48176875. We look forward to seeing you 

Facebook event:


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