VS: Managing and Marketing Inclusion in Libraries

Ruth Ørnholt Ruth.Ornholt at vlfk.no
Tue Oct 26 14:22:44 CEST 2021

 On 28 October, 2021 at 15:00 CET, the IFLA sections on Management & Marketing and Library Services for People with Special Needs are hosting an exciting and inspiring joint virtual conference with a specific focus on managing and marketing for library users with special needs. The two-hour session will consist of a keynote speech, panel discussion, and audience interaction.

Our keynote speakers is Dr. Clayton A. Copeland, USA. She will speak on the theme Bringing IDEAS - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Solutions - to Your Library.

We also have three panelists.  Mark Freeman, UK, will speak on the theme Designing Autism friendly public library services: a UK perspective. Verena Lee, Singapore, will speak on the theme Best practices in the field of library inclusion of children with disabilities. And Marie Engberg Eiriksson, Denmark, will speak on the theme Universal design to improve accessibility and inclusion.

The host of the conference is Leslie Weir, Librarian and Archivist of Canada. We are looking forward to a interesting and engaging day - and we hope you would like to join us!

For more information, bios and free registration, please visit www.ifla.org/news/managing-and-marketing-inclusion-in-libraries/<https://url10.mailanyone.net/v1/?m=1mQXoY-0000n6-5q&i=57e1b682&c=ldUAe9yvilYfY0B0pAJwkpSYXadzQ7kMAo3Qk_Vk2vYbVhMO1p41WrsKAeXXbqNdZLCqn_R7lnPbR4IRnVMd1WELOBB2xx7MvsespTh-C-UX_JtpaVdKquLTHulcDwd9dfbV1tIY7GQiOURiMKSF6tj_lqwLpFuyjbDhCV-rrnpG3n2uq0IXlgSbFggvQ0pLsCCXT--wMHAlumSYfzT3iamm6xDfGGQKNaciSuJRQ_h69Dh87t4_qnIqW-zm3DL3Vc3F2Lh6X5867fTr5ZbAs7UxPsZMay3mINV6Ew9zmFo>

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