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Videresender for en kollega i Belgia, særlig relevant for folk som jobber med fjernlån.

Vennlig hilsen,
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Dear Colleagues,

The University of Liège Library (Belgium) is organizing an Erasmus Mobility Staff Training week focused on services, projects and policies that libraries can deploy and promote to increase and ease access to materials that do not belong to their print or electronic holdings. The Week's theme will be: Beyond the Library Collections. We don't have it? Here it is!

To further the exchange of experience and ideas, the number of participants in the week will be limited to 25. Candidates are strongly encouraged to take an active part in the week by submitting a paper for a session.

Suggested topics:

  *   Centralized and shared collection storage with other libraries
  *   Long term loan projects between libraries
  *   Extensions and services like Unpaywall, Open Access Helper, OA Button: usage and promotion
  *   Print on demand services for patrons
  *   Document delivery during/post Covid-19
  *   Challenges and impacts of new interlibrary loan policies and workflows (from fee to free...)
  *   ILL and its impact on acquisitions policy
  *   Interfacing solutions for better document delivery
  *   Legal aspects: Controlled Digital Lending (CDL), DRM, licenses, copyright...
  *   New and improved workflows in document delivery and ILL services
  *   New partnerships and collaborations between libraries for better delivery and ILL services
The week's Proceedings will be published as Open Access within the year. The final articles can be in English, French or German.

Information and registration:
Application is open until September 30, 2021. Priority will be given to candidates who submit a paper for a session.

We would appreciate if you could share this call for participation with your customer services managers and collections managers.

Kind regards,

Fabienne Prosmans <fprosmans at><mailto:fprosmans at>
François Renaville <francois.renaville at><mailto:francois.renaville at>

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