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**With apologies for cross posting**

For many and varied reasons, certain communities and voices in the information community continue to be under-represented at our Annual Conference and we are continuing to work to improve this for #UKSG2021<https://bit.ly/39xvGqf>.  Details are below and at https://bit.ly/3p9ozKz.

There are now even more opportunities to receive a paid-for ticket to #UKSG2021, with Cell Press and Cambridge University Press joining the UKSG bursary scheme. Taylor & Francis has sponsored the Merriman Award<https://www.uksg.org/about/awardsandbursaries> (which gives a place to the NASIG conference too), and Adam Matthew Digital and Wiley are each sponsoring a Student/Early Career Professional to attend.

If you are a librarian working in higher education, the Cell Press and CUP sponsorships are for you too (you can apply for as many different schemes as applies).

We believe we will have a better conference if the widest number of people from our community can attend and have their voices heard so UKSG is offering a further 10 places which are open to anyone who feels they are under-represented and lack the resources to attend.  This includes by sector - such as sixth form, further education and other non-HE libraries - as well as by protected characteristics such as (but not exclusive to) age, disability, race, religion, belief, or sex.

Those who are currently unemployed but seeking work in the sector and those who are furloughed or on a temporary contract with no access to training funds will be given free places automatically - please email your details to info at uksg.org<mailto:info at uksg.org>

The general application form (sponsored by Cambridge University Press, Cell Press and UKSG) is available here<https://www.uksg.org/form/uksg-application-for-2021-sponso>.

The student and early career professional award (sponsored by Adam Matthew Digital and Wiley) application form is here<https://www.uksg.org/form/2021-uksg-annual-conference-appl>

The Merriman award (sponsored by T&F) application form is here<https://www.uksg.org/form/2021-uksg-annual-conference-merr>

Our thanks to Adam Matthew Digital, Cell Press, Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis and Wiley for their generous support! (Please remember to visit them in our virtual exhibition!)

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Bev Acreman
Executive Director
+44 7923 480764
bev at uksg.org<mailto:bev at uksg.org>

Follow us on twitter: @uksg

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